Proactiv-Does it Really Work?

Proactiv Solution Review

If you suffer from acne than I’m sure you have heard of Proactiv from the countless infomercials on TV. Not to mention the fact that it promoted by well know celebrities like Vanessa Williams and Jessica Simpson. However, what is proactive and does Proactiv really work?

Proactiv acne solution is a three part system consisting of:

  • Renewing Cleanser – a concentration of about 2% benzoyl peroxide formulated to cleanse the skin.
  • Revitalizing Toner – Suppose to remove sebum (excess oil) and exfoliate (remove dead cells) the skin.
  • Repairing Lotion – Acts as a moisturizer for dry skin.

However, we found that claims do not merit the results. For example, the renewing toner is supposed to from a lather, but didn’t. The revitalizing Toner is supposed to be the most effective at removing dead skin cells, but didn’t work any better than a cheap toner your can purchase at a drug store. Last, the Revitalizing Toner which claims to magically make acne disappear wasn’t quite so magical.

Why is Proactiv rated number #4?

The negative side of this solution is that it contains Benzoyl Peroxide. This chemical ingredient is extremely strong and has many reported side effects, such as skin irritation, blistering, crusting and rashes.

System includes:
• Renewing Cleanser
• Revitalizing Toner
• Repairing Lotion

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Look at what customers said about Proactiv:

“I have tried proactiv twice and both times it did not work for me. I thought that I should give it another shot since more celebrities were endorsing it, bad idea. My skin will feel great but it never stopped or slowed down the breakouts. My roommate also got it at the same time I did and it didn’t help her. It was a waste…. but it did make me wash my face every night and morning, so I guess that was a perk.”

Alison (Dallas, TX)

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