Clear Pores – Unclogged Skin Pores

Secret To Having Clear Pores – Unclogged Skin Pores

Everyone wants clear, impurities-free skin.  And why not, after all the key to beautiful skin lies in unclogged (clear) pores. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed to have the model- look beautiful skin that we always wanted.  People are always bombarded with those various skin disorders and we are always flocking to our drugstores to buy the latest miracle cure for that naturally beautiful skin.

Clear Pores Fact Number One:

 The cosmetic industry makes billions of dollars from the public quest for great skin.  They use the money to advertise and perpetuate their products.  Do not be fooled by the hype.

Clear Skin Pores Fact Number Two:  

There are many factors that contribute to the clogging of pores: like dehydrated skin, improper cleansing, excessive oil production, excessive build-up of dead skin cells, hormones, excessive sweating, dirty work or play environments, genetics, makeup, fingers on the face, allergic reactions, a diet high in sugar content and many others.

ClearPores Fact Number Three:

Most skin impurities are due to clogged pores, so the best way to have that beautiful skin is to unclog your pores.

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The graphic on the left depicts how the pores become clogged with dead skin cells and lead to the formation of acne. The graphic on the right depicts clear pores, completely unobstructed.

Top 5 thing you can do to have clear pores:

  1. Avoid oil-based products such as facial lotions, wash and cosmetics.  Look for products that are “non-comedogenic,” it means it will not clog your pores.
  2. Do not wear tight headband, baseball hat, and/or helmet when you exercise or play sports, and make sure you wash the sweat-soaked things each time you wear them.
  3. Keep the skin hydrated and moist so your cells can function properly.  Moisturize your face with mild, non-comedogenic moisturizers to keep it hydrated. Moisturizing is a necessity. Again, the product with the least amount of chemical additives is the best. Always use a light moisturizer on your face after cleansing.
  4. Cleanse your pores with an alcohol-free toner or skin conditioner on cotton balls.  Do not try to scrub harshly or you will strip and damage your skin. Even after rinsing your face, if you do not remove the remainder of cleanser and loosened debris residues, you are only going to imbed that debris deeper into the pores as you layer serums and moisturizers on top. The absolute best way to perform this deep pore cleansing is with an alcohol-free toner or skin conditioner on cotton balls. There’s no need to harm your skin by vigorous scrubbing or harsh acids, simply wipe with toner damp cotton balls until the last cotton comes away perfectly white.
  5. Astringents, Salicylic Acid, retinoic acids, and glycolic acids all work to prevent pores from clogging. Be aware of some active ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, these ingredients can cause major side effects.

So there, those are ultra easy steps to eliminate or lessen your problem, start today.  Beauty starts with your skin.

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