6 Foods that May Worsen Acne

If you suffer from acne, perhaps you should reconsider your diet. Certain products can exacerbate this problem. Some of them, obviously, are junk food while others are considered to be healthy, nevertheless, they are associated with the aggravation of acne.

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Below you will find a review of 6 foods that may worsen acne.

1. Potato Chips – Acne-Causing Nightmare

Potato Chips and AcnePotato chips are some of the most popular unhealthy foods in the US and many other countries. They are fried in unhealthy oils and contain almost no vitamins and minerals. They can also worsen or even cause acne due to the fact that they comprise a large quantity of carbohydrates, causing an acute insulin spike, and leading systemic inflammation.

Oils that are used in the production of the chips are rich in omega-6. This is not good for your body, since the diet of a modern person is already abundant in these fats. It is better to give preference to sea fish, such as tuna or salmon, containing healthy omega-3.

2. Dairy Products – Seem to Be Healthy, But…

Milk is one of the key products in the Western pattern diet.

But is it right? According to the study by German scientist B. C. Melnik (2011), whey protein induces glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide secretion, leading do increased insulin release. Elevated insulin triggers the activity of PI3K/AKT signaling pathway thereby decreasing the nuclear content of a transcription factor called FOXO1. The deficiency of this factor is associated with acne pathogenesis. In addition, milk is sometimes considered hormonal delivery system, which transports peptides & other signaling substances from mom to baby. Hormonal changes may trigger acne vulgaris.

If you suffer from acne, avoid dairy products or at least reduce their intake to a minimum. Also, you should remember that protein shakes are like concentrated milk. Avoid them during periods of acne exacerbation.

3. Chocolate – Source of Bad Sugars & Fats

sugar acneChocolate contains chemicals that enhance mood by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain. Many people like chocolate, but, unfortunately, this product can do harm to persons suffering from acne. C. Caperton and others (2014) reported that eating chocolate by an acne-prone male person is associated with exacerbation of the ailment. According to a study by Nguyen & others (2016), most patients with acne are aware of this negative property of chocolate. In addition, stearic & palmitic acids in chocolate are linked to heart diseases.

Why is chocolate bad for acne-prone people? The main unhealthy chocolate ingredient that adversely affects the skin condition is sugar. Therefore, stay away from milk and white chocolate. Choose dark one, which contains more cocoa products, less sugar and dairy substances.

4. Pizza – May Cause Pizza Face

Pizza face is an unpleasant nickname for many individuals who suffer from acne. Pizza itself can exacerbate this problem. This Italian dish contains a sir (a dairy product) in combination with gluten. Some believe that gluten is harmful to the skin, although this is an unproven fact. In any case, do not eat pizza all the time: for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner.

pizza and acne

However, periodically you can eat a couple of pieces, why not?

5. Ice Cream – Double Harm (Dairy & Sugar)

ice cream worsen acneIce cream is considered one of the worst products that can worsen acne. It contains two unhealthy ingredients at once: milk and sugar. In addition, it is a highly processed product that is considered harmful to health. If you want to pamper yourself with some kind of frozen sweetness, try to find natural frozen juice or frozen berries.

Perhaps not every person experiences acne or its aggravation after eating processed products and a lot of sweets. However, such a meal pattern is clearly worse for the condition of the skin than food based on unprocessed products, fruit & vegetables, lean meat and fish (by the way, this diet is recommended by the WHO).

6. Soda – the Worst Drink Making You Break Out

bad product for acneSoda is another very bad product in the Western pattern diet. It contains a huge dose of fructose, which is associated with a lot of problems, such as overweight. Soda does not contain useful nutrients, so some scientists say that its harm to health can be compared with the harm caused by alcohol. Sugar in soda leads to a sharp increase in insulin (which can provoke acne) and after using soft drink you feel strong hunger, which increases the risk of eating other unhealthy things. Therefore, soda is the product to fear like the plague. Replace soda with ordinary water and most likely you will soon see improvement of your skin condition.

The Conclusion

In general, low-glycemic nutrition may be helpful in case of acne (A. Pappas, 2009). Your food should include fruit, veggies, lean protein, and complex carbs, like whole grains & legumes. Such a diet not only positively influences the skin condition, but also improves your general health.

If you want to get rid of acne, avoid or minimize the intake of dairy products. Stay away from high-glycemic carbs, saturated & trans fats, and be healthy!

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